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created on 29 February 20

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If you want to excel in online business, it is necessary to know the rules. Online business is what entrepreneurs around the world are looking for. It offers a number of options for newbies as well as for expert online businessmen. One of the best and most effective options is amazon. Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce market where millions of people sell or buy products. But it is not an easy job to start selling on amazon and get profits. If you are also one of those people who are looking for guidance on how to get successful on amazon, you need to read this article till the end.

There are multiple tools available in the market today that helps sellers to increase their sales and get accurate results. As we have stated above, Amazon is a huge marketplace and it is not an easy job to find the right products to sell. This is indeed the most crucial part of starting an online business on Amazon. If you choose the right and most in-demand product, you are already away ahead of your competitors. 

For this purpose, there are numerous tools available in the market that helps you to find the right products, increase sales and research keywords. Jungle scout is an amazon sales research tool that is being used by millions of people worldwide. It has helped many people to find the right niche and increase their sales. Here we are going to review jungle scout so that you can also take advantage of this amazing tool and get started today.

What Is the Jungle Scout?

Jungle scout is a tool to search through the right product niches and find low competition products and keywords. As its name suggests, Amazon is a huge jungle and to helps you out, you need a scout who can help you find the right products to sell on amazon.


Jungle scout is offering three price plans at the moment. All of these come with different packages. If you opt for web-based software of jungle scout, you have to pay $39 per month or $468 annually. If you want to opt for jungle scout and extension, you will pay $49 monthly and $588 annually. The last package is only for the extension. It is $19 monthly and $228 annually. You can choose any package that suits your needs and selling requirements.

Jungle Scout Web App Features

Let us take a look at jungle scout features below:

Niche hunter - it helps you identify profitable niches and keywords available on the Amazon platform.

Product tracker - it provides a complete history of a product including price history, fees, sales trends, etc.

Product database - it allows users to search through 70 million products available on amazon and analyze product ratings and demand.

Keyword scout - it enables to find the most profitable keywords with low competition that helps you to rank your products faster.

Review of Jungle Scout Features

All of the above-featured jungle scouts are highly helpful in finding the right product niches. They also allow you to go through the huge database and analyze how a specific product niche has done in the past based on its ranking, keywords, sales history, etc. All these features are designed in such a way so that they can help each and every entrepreneur looking to start or expand their online business on Amazon. They give you real-life analysis based on real customer searches and purchases.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

Jungle scout chrome extension is a feature that integrates right into your chrome browser and is available whenever you want to run a quick product search. Here is the features Jungle scout chrome extension offers to its users:

  1. Price
  2. Category
  3. Rank
  4. Historical Price
  5. Historical Rank
  6. Monthly and Daily Sales
  7. Revenue
  8. Reviews
  9. Rating
  10. Type of Seller (FBA, FBM, AMZ)


Review of Chrome Extension Features

Jungle scout chrome extension is very helpful along with all of its features. It is just one click and it generates tons of results in just a few seconds. It saves a lot of your time that you would be spending on generating desired results. All its features are very convenient to use and provide instant and accurate results.

Chrome Extension Lite

Chrome extension lite is a lighter version of the Chrome web extension. It provides a little lighter results as compared to the full chrome extension version. The results are lighter in terms of points and features offered. Lite version does not have the following features such as:

  • Opportunity Score
  • Historical Sales Graphs
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Weight, Dimensions and Size tier
  •  Number of Sellers
  • FBA Fees
  • Date First Available data point
  • Sponsored Product Indicator
  • FBA Profit Calculator
  • Ability to filter or add columns 

Except for all of the aforementioned features, it has all of the other features.


Jungle Scout Web App vs. Chrome Extension

There is a great difference between the Jungle scout web app and chrome extension. Chrome extension is just one click operation as it is available on your browser all the time. You just have to click the icon and it provides toms of results according to your search criteria. Whereas, Jungle scout web app is more robust software with many more features and options. It helps you to generate results with deeper results.


Is jungle scout free?

Unfortunately, No. jungle scout does not have any free versions at the moment.

Does jungle scout have an app?

At the moment, No

Can I use Jungle Scout on my phone?

Yes, you can, but it provides better results when used on a computer.

What is the jungle scout used for?

It is used to find the right products to use with accurate keywords.

Can I cancel Jungle Scout?

Yes, you can cancel it anytime you want.

How can I contact support?

Go to the contact option, choose help and contact support.

Does Jungle Scout have a free trial?

It does not offer any free trials but it offers 14 days money-back guarantee.






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