How To Start Selling On Amazon

created on 27 February 20

Are you considering selling on Amazon and don’t know how to go about it? This article is a guide on how to sell on amazon for beginners. If you have started selling on Amazon, you can also read this article to learn the fundamentals of how to sell stuff on Amazon using Amazon FBA.

how to sell on amazon for beginners

If you are just starting as an Amazon seller from scratch, a couple of people might have told you different things about selling on Amazon. However, despite what they might have told you, it is important to know that the step isn’t as difficult as they often make it seem.

The main steps involved in the process include;

·      Map out how you plan to get products to sell.

·      Understand all the rules and cost associated with selling on Amazon

·      Create a seller’s account on Amazon

·      Obtain the products you’d like to sell.

·      Create a product listing on Amazon

·      Ship to the designated center (If you’re using the FBA plan)

After taking these steps, you are then ready to start making sales on Amazon. And you can begin to increase the scope of your sales with time. Most people often have issues at different stages of the process, although a large number tend to have problems with product procurement.

However, there are several steps that can help with this.

How Much Income Can You Get From Selling on Amazon?

One of the most common questions that often arise from young amazon sellers or people trying to create an Amazon business is the possible amount that can be made from selling on amazon.

Interestingly, the answer to this question varies for everyone and depends majorly on what your targets are as a seller. Currently, some people do not make a lot from selling on amazon; at the same time, several amazon sellers earn a lot of money from their sales on amazon.

However, on the average, if you commit to the selling process and carry out all necessary processes, you are sure to earn above average on Amazon.


Steps To Getting Started As An Amazon Seller

1.     Choose the Right Products To Sell

The first step in running a successful Amazon business is deciding on the product to sell on amazon. There are several products and product categories currently available on amazon. Professional sellers can access up to 10 of these categories.

2.     Come Up With A Selling Plan

As an Amazon seller, the platform allows you some flexibility in selling your product on the platform. While the professional comes with a chance to sell an unlimited number of products for just $39.99 monthly, you can also choose to sell an Individual on Amazon. This comes with a fee of $0.99 on every item sold. Other Amazon fees apply to both plans as appropriate.

3.     Start Listing Your Products

Once you have created an account on Seller Central, the Web interface allows you manage your selling account. The listing parocess includes;

·       List

If you are using the Amazon Marketplace catalog, you can list your products on the website once at a time, or if you’re using a professional selling subscription, you can add large batches of products utilizing the bulk options.

 There are two major ways to list products on Amazon;

     i.        Listing products already on Amazon

For this kind of product, you only have to indicate the number of products you have to sell, states of the product(s), and conditions of shipping.

   ii.        Listing products not yet on Amazon

To list products on Amazon for the first time, you need to identify UPC/EAN and SKU and the proceed to include all necessary product attributes.

·       Sell

After a sale, you get paid for the balance of the orders (after all necessary charges have been deducted) in your account and an email notification afterward.

·       Ship

Also, you get a notification when a buyer places an order on the shipping details. If you choose to use the Amazon FBA service, all you have to worry about is getting the product to the designated Amazon office. If you are not using the Amazon FBA service, it means you would have to worry about shipping the product to the buyer.

How much money is required to become a seller on Amazon?

Another common question that usually accompanies how to sell stuff of amazon is the cost of getting started. To get started on Amazon, you can get started with as much capital as you can afford. Your starting capital does not necessarily have to be a large amount.

Retail arbitrage that some sellers use to minimize the cost of starting as an Amazon seller. Another feature that can help when starting is the Amazon FBA plan. Under the scheme, Amazon is responsible for the storage and shipping of the product whenever a buyer makes an order. It, however, comes at a cost to the seller.

In all, selling on Amazon can be an excellent way to make money right from the convenience of your home; you only have to follow the right steps to getting started., 2020, my articles