Complete Keepa Review

created on 05 March 20

Complete Keepa Review

Keepa is one of the most essential tools for every Amazon seller. Check its functionality and pricing in this complete Keepa review.

keepa review

Keepa is an Amazon Price tracker known for its good price and useful features. It’s a direct competitor is another well know tool – CamelCamelCamel.

With his tool you can track price trends and sales rank of products directly in your browser. The extension can be used on the most popular and used browsers. If you haven’t heard about Keepa yet, read on to find out more. In this Keepa Review we will dive deeper into the functionality of the tool, its features and pricing.

Keepa Functionality

 With Keepa’s free features Amazon sellers can gather valuable pricing information for some of the biggest marketplaces. The price tracking functionality is available for hundreds of millions of products and in 10 currencies. All data can be exported which makes it accessible and easy to use. Through the Keepa API you can download useful product information like sales rank, deals, category details, best sellers, pricing trends and more.


 Keepa’s functionality allows you to browse products by category, deal type, discount range and more. For every product, you get a price history graph and real-time alerts. You can get the notifications on your mail or on your browser. The Keepa graphs may look confusing at first but once you get to understand them you will appreciate how informative and detailed they are.


 This option will show you product overviews, wish lists and the latest notifications.


 The data section is one of the most important and interesting Keepa sections. Here you will find some excellent tools like the product viewer, best seller lists, category tree and Keepa API. Here is where you can import product lists, follow Amazon’s top-selling merchants, explore best sellers by category etc.

How to Use Keepa

Although Keepa is an essential tool for every Amazon seller, if one doesn’t know how to use the data in it, it won’t help much. On the other hand, if you can read the data well you can make more informed buying decisions. Don’t worry if you can’t get a hold of it immediately everything requires some practice. The Keepa charts can give you a valuable overview of the rank history, prices and more. The most important thing when using the extension is to recognize the key elements and read the graphs well. The graph for every product is displayed automatically.

This is what you need to keep in mind when looking at the graphs:

You can find the dates at the bottom, prices –on the left, menu options- on the right where you can also customize them as well as the sales rank. You can select a specific time frame or go over the points to see the available data for a specific date. The lines in the graph are very important; the orange one indicated the Amazon price, the blue – marks the lowest new offer, the black – the lowest used price, and the green shows rank history. The spikes also give you important information. Each spike in sales rank from higher to a lower number usually indicates the sales. Take your time to read the charts because they contain valuable information that you can oversee if you are not paying enough attention.

keepa extension

 Keepa Pricing

 Recently, Keepa Chrome extension is a freemium service. This means that the advanced features are paid and there is a monthly subscription. Some of the most used features are now available only for paying users. There are two different payment plans which seem affordable at first, but they can also be a barrier of entry for new Amazon sellers. However, it is a minor expense for sellers making significant profits on Amazon. However, this change of pricing is nothing or unexpected. Still, the tool is so valuable that for many it’s worth the price.


Keepa has a solution for everyone - sellers, buyers, agencies. It is your best friend that will help you track prices, find the best deals, see what the competition is doing or find new business opportunities. With its functionality, detailed graphs and rich data, Keepa is a must-have tool., 2020, my articles